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Photo Credit: Tommy Simmons/The Idaho Press

Last weekend, USPS workers across the country used their day off from work to protest a recent privatization proposal for the United States Post Office. Privatizing USPS would not just be a disaster for rural citizens and workers, it would also dramatically hurt small business owners across the country and would hurt consumers with an increase in prices.

Here why I explain why USPS must stay public and some myths by pro privatization people.

Myth #1: The Private Sector Can Provide These Services

From anyone who has not run a business and relied on the post office to ship across…

The Estate Tax is a 40% tax on wealth over $11.18 Million passed on after death.

This article is not going to state whether the estate tax rate should be increased, whether it should be decreased, whether the exclusion rate should decrease or increase, but rather discuss its initial purpose and the benefits it has produced. Although the Estate Tax sounds high, it generate just .6% of tax revenue and in 2014 only brought in $20 billion. Extremes on the right have called for it to be 100% abolished while extremes on the left have called for it to be progressively raised with some proposals going as high as rates of 55%.

Who does the estate…

California has led the way for Green Energy with bold new initiatives and innovative ideas shaping the country and world.

As the artificial deadline for 100% renewable energy by 2050–2060 approaches, states are taking it into their own hands to reach the goal for the greater climate and a future for all. If the current administration won’t take the threat of climate change seriously, states like California will.

And when California said they were taking the threat of climate change seriously, they weren’t joking. California has mandated that all new houses built after 2020 will now be required to have solar panels, a bold new initiative for the state.

This new policy shows the future for green energy and how…

This economic report has a main idea of focusing on the future, not the past in respect to the national debt. It should be a priority of all policy makers that during a time of economic boom and a time when the US is well out of a recession, to focus on getting the budget deficit under control. This report focus is on why we must move on from our past mistakes and why many peoples worries of our $21 trillion debt is not as bad as that bold figure may seem. We must focus on the future and in…

Source : New Deal Enacted 1933; New Deal Roll Back 1937 then reenacted in 1938; New Deal Ends; War Time Economy Begins 1940

No big regulations during the 1920’s led to a stock market collapse, banking collapse, and the collapse of a false economy built up on credit with false prosperity. The Great Depression tested two economic theories of Laissez Faire Economics versus Keynesian Economics. The American people chose which theory they thought worked and every president used the theories of Keynes after that even if they won’t admit it.

Keynesian is the idea that the government should cut taxes and spend funds on stimulus packages, military spending, jobs programs, infrastructure, ect, to quickly take the nation out of a recession and then…

Obesity is on the rise. A new study shows that around 40% of US adults are obese and this figure is only growing every year. And it is also on the rise in children with the figure of obese youth going up to 18.5% and among children 2–5 years old it rose 10.1% to 13.9% in just 9 years. Between 1980 and 2014, obesity nearly doubled worldwide.

Obesity is also extremely expensive for a country to deal with and hundreds of thousands of people die from obesity related illnesses each year. It costs the United States up to $210 Billion…

Opioid overdoses and drug overdoses are going up each year. Although the war on drugs continues to be ramped up under this new administration, it has shown us that the war on drugs has been nothing but a racially biased failure. Drug usage and deaths have continued to go up while more and more minorities continued to get locked up even though caucasians and people of color use drugs at the same percent.

It seems locking up a health condition has not worked at all. Instead what it has done is leave a generation of African Americans and Hispanics with…

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